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“Nicolaj Nielsen brings immense musicality to a recording session. His virtuosic technique is matched by a welcome studio demeanor and the willingness to be creative. He is an asset to any session.”
Tony Berg, Producer (Bruce Hornsby, Jesca Hoop, Jakob Dylan)
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Audio demos

“Strings only” demos of the music in the video.

All arrangements and production by The SteelyDane Strings.

Violin and viola: Nicolaj Møller Nielsen – Cello: Quynh Lephan

Recording the glissando in the opening title one part at a time was easier than you might think, and shows what can be achieved with this technique.

A delicate string quartet arrangement, recorded without a click track.

The feeling of a large string ensemble was created by overdubbing each part multiple times (there are 12 1st violins). The rest is spatial placement and mixing.

Spatial placement techniques and careful use of reverb was used to place the dry viola recording on stage with the sampled instruments (All samples from Spitfire Audio).

How it works

Send your track

Send me the song you want strings on, and if you have it, the arrangement you want recorded (midi file, score or a recording). After discussing your requirements, including the possibility of writing an arrangement for you, you will receive a price quote.

I record your strings

I record your backing strings according to your directions, usually multi tracking the arrangement one part at the time. This saves you money, since the process involves at the most 2 people. I record in a purpose built studio with state of the art equipment, and will send you a sample for approval before you pay.

You receive your recording

Only when you are happy with the recording will you pay and receive the download link to the complete recording, already synced to your project, ready to load in. You can choose to get a stereo mix or the individual stems, in any format and sample rate you wish.


“I was a bit nervous about using an online string recording service but The SteelyDane Strings gave excellent results at a very reasonable cost. Nicolaj Nielsen is an accurate and sensitive player on both the violin and viola. My tracks were well recorded and fitted very well into my mixes.”

Phillip Taylor

Phillip Taylor on Bandcamp

“I reached out to Nicolaj to ask him to bring some life to my strings on a track I only had VST samples for. I sent him the parts and instructions and bang on schedule (despite some monsoon rains…) delivered perfectly executed results. They sound fantastic in context when put in a reverb space and have really transformed the quality of my productions.”

Will Keeno

Clinic Talent

“Thanks SOOOO much for the quartet.
I am so pleased with it.
It all sounds fab, top playing!
I will take my time to mix this track and really enjoy it.”

Guy Jackson

Guy Jackson Music

“I couldn’t be happier with the performances and recordings that Nicolaj put together for my album. His work was so consistently excellent that there were very few pieces of feedback or revisions that I had to request across an entire 8 tracks. As well as quartets, quintets and solos, Nicolaj also emulated some larger string ensembles using multiple tracking, this provided a great improvement over the samples I was using in the demo versions of my tracks.

Nicolaj’s service is very affordable and he was extremely easy to communicate with, which isn’t always a given when collaborating remotely over the internet. I will be recommending Nicolaj to other composers and producers, and I very much look forward to being able to work with him again in the future.”

Matthew Chestney



30+ years of experience

I have been playing violin and viola for over 30 years, 10 of those in top symphony orchestras in Scandinavia. My background as a classically trained professional is your guarantee that my playing is up to scratch, in tune and in time, with all the expressive power that only real strings played by real musicians can bring to your track. The SteelyDane Strings is labor of love to me, and I’m committed to giving you my very best.


Multi tracking complete arrangements one instrument at a time the way I do, can save you a significant amount of money. Instead of paying a recording engineer, session musicians and studio fees, you only have to pay me (I hire a local cellist at a good rate if the arrangement calls for it), saving you not only time but also money. It makes it easy to write for unusual ensembles as well – 3 violas and 2 cellos for example. It’s a technique spearheaded by Davide Rossi, string arranger for Coldplay and The Verve.

Clean and dry

I record with high quality gear in my private studio, purpose built to be acoustically completely neutral. This is a necessity when multi tracking one instrument at the time, otherwise roomtone will quickly build up. It also means the tracks I deliver to you are crisp, clean and dry and thus take extremely well to any kind of processing (particularly reverb), and will be easy to blend into your mix. Should you prefer to record ensemble style in a big room, that can be arranged too.

Get started

Professional quality strings in any genre

String solo, quartet, ensemble or samples overdubbing

Affordable – save big on studio time

Quick and personal service

Get in touch to hear what I can do for you:

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If you already have an arrangement, I’ll be happy to record it for you. If you don’t, I’ll be happy to write one for you, following your directions. I will send you midi mockups for discussion along the way, and make changes accordingly. Only when you are 100 % satisfied with the arrangement, will I record it with real instruments. I have been writing and arranging for years, and have deep knowledge of the capabilities of string instruments. Strings can do anything from a simple pad background, to intricate lines and rhythmic motifs and everything in between – the sky is the limit!

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To get started on your string recordings or ask me a question, send me a message here. Unfortunately I can't receive attachments through this form, but you can send your track later. 

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